The Classic Course

Melody Xue · March 26, 2021

What Will You Learn? 

Knowing how to put on a lash set is completely different from creating a beautiful and comfortable lash set for your client. The industry is constantly improving, so your skills will have to do the same. The Classic Course is the foundation for all other advanced lash skills. In this course, we will be focusing on the foundational skills in detail because that is what you’ll need to become a competitive lash artist. It is important to understand how to create a clean, beautiful, and comfortable set that has great retention. Not only that, but this course will provide all the tools and tips necessary to give you the confidence to safely and effectively apply lash extensions. Last but not least, we truly emphasize the importance of the client experience. If you want to be a competitive lash artist in the industry, both the skills to apply lash extensions and the passion to connect with your clients and listen to their needs go hand in hand! 

Course Structure

Our course is a unique mixture of videos and written content. There will be mini written quizzes, mini video quizzes, practice on false lashes, and a practical final exam along the way. We believe that in order for you to master the foundations, practicing the skill is the most important part, which is why at Beauty Boss Academy our tutorial videos of applying lashes to create a perfect set are slightly heavier than videos of us speaking to you. 

Written quizzes will be accessed after you complete the theory modules. We ask that you take these quizzes seriously as they will go towards passing the course. The written quizzes along the way will help you retain the information as you’re absorbing it. 

Once you begin learning practical lash skills, you will be required to upload mini video quizzes showing and practicing your skills. Videos that are blurry or not lit properly will not be accepted. Please refer to Thank You and Final Steps, Unit: Video Quiz Examples in your online course to see exactly what we expect from you. We ask that you also take these video quizzes seriously as they will go towards passing the course. 

Lastly, you will need to practice on a tray of false lashes and on 3 different models in your own time. 

For examples of what your false lash tray and practice sets should look like, as well as the quality of the images we are expecting, please refer to Thank You and Final Steps, Unit: “False Lash Practice Sets” & Unit: “3 Full Classic Sets”, in your online course or written manual. 

You will then upload pictures of your work and they will be graded by Melody. This will be your final exam. 

This may sound like a lot, but please do not worry about your exam. Focus on learning and developing your skills as an artist, while having fun along the way. 

Mentorship and Support

Upon enrolment in our course, you will be invited to our Circle platform. There, you will be able to ask questions and get answers. This group will give you the opportunity to interact with other students, teachers, and tutors—you will have support from the Beauty Boss team and your fellow Beauty Bosses the entire time!

You will also be given an email address to ask any questions you may have throughout the course. 

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