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11. Maintenance

user June 3, 2021

Once you have completed your set, it is very important to give your clients the knowledge to properly take care of their extensions and eyes, as well as how to prolong their set between refills. Here is what clients should know:

  1. Do not get lashes wet for 4–6 hours after the service.
  2. Avoid using mascara on lash extensions.
  3. Clean eyes and lashes with lash shampoo daily.

If your client wears eye makeup, they must remove the makeup with a cleansing wand and a water-based makeup remover, followed by lash shampoo. Instruct them to dry their face with a fibre-free towel or sponge to avoid their lashes being pulled off by lint and fibres. Lashes being pulled out prematurely can cause follicle damage and can potentially cause the lashes to stop growing. We want to keep our clients’ natural lashes healthy and strong, and therefore we must educate them on how to properly take care of them.

  1. Brush lashes daily to keep them in good shape. This is very important after the client washes their face.
  2. Avoid saunas, fires, facial steam, and putting oil on lash extensions.
  3. Avoid sleeping on the face, rubbing the eyes, and pulling on the lashes.

Recommend getting refills every 2–3 weeks.