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9. Curing the Lashes

user June 3, 2021

Curing the lashes is a way to force the adhesive to cure and set without waiting for 4–6 hours to slowly cure layer by layer. This method can be used for clients who have sensitive eyes or who need to wash their face within 4–6 hours after the service. Force curing not only helps the bonds set before your client leaves, but it also helps reduce any vapors or irritation caused by the adhesive still in the liquid form. 

If the adhesive comes in contact with too much water before it is able to cure, shock polymerization will occur. This is due to eyelash extension adhesive requiring a slow, controlled reaction with moisture in order to produce a secure bond between the natural lash and lash extension. 

Adhesives cure layer by layer. When shock polymerization occurs, the adhesive is forced to cure in a split second. This causes the outside layer to cure while the inner layers remain uncured. If the adhesive is not cured properly, the bond won’t be strong enough and will break apart easily. 

Shock polymerization can cause white residue to form on the lash bond and clients can lose their lash extensions more quickly than normal. With the use of a nano mister, your client can leave with a fully cured set of lashes. However, if you overly use a nano mister or hold it too close to the client’s eye area, you still risk the occurrence of shock polymerization. To avoid this, hold the nano mister slightly away from the client’s eyes and slowly move it from side to side. If needed, you can repeat again.