The Classic Course & Starter Kit Bundle





This course is the perfect start to your lash career. The Classic Course is your complete guide to learning the fundamentals of lash extension application. It has everything you need to know in order to become a competitive, talented, and safe lash technician! No experience? No problem!

This course is perfect for anyone who has little to no experience in lash extension application. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry and beginner lash extension application from the owner of the very successful lash bar, Flux Lash Bar. Melody put her heart into this course to give you the support she wishes she had when she first started.

Here’s all the great items you’ll have to add to your beauty boss tool belt (or make up bag maybe?) once you sign up for The Classic Course:

  • Access to our 14 comprehensive training modules
  • Access to our professionally designed online manual
  • High-quality production videos
  • Extensive application training
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited ongoing support
  • VIP network of industry professionals
  • Business development support

You will also receive our awesome Classic Starter Kit! This kit was specially designed by our lash expert, Melody. It contains the essentials she believes a new lash artist needs, including Melody’s favourite products that her clients have come to love and trust in her lash bar.

The Classic Starter Kit Includes:

  • Isolation Tweezer
    • To isolate the natural lashes
  • Application Tweezer
    • To apply lash extensions
  • Bubble Bath Cleanser 
    • To clean eyes and lashes before applying extensions
  • Primer
    • To prime the lashes for extensions, the last step before application
  • Lash Trays
    • C, CC, D (0.12, 0.15)
  • Practice Lashes
    • To practice applying lash extensions
  • 3M Foam Tape
    • To make your own custom eye patches 
  • Paper Tape
    • To tape the lower lashes and upper eyelids 
  • Adhesive 
    • To apply lash extensions 
  • Adhesive Stickers 
    • To place adhesive beads 
  • Debonder 
    • To remove individual lashes and any dried adhesive on your tweezers
  • Remover
    • To remove a full set of lash extensions 
  • Mascara Wands
    • Disposable spoolies to brush the lashes
  • Cleansing Wands 
    • Disposable tool to clean lashes with bubble bath in fill appointments 
  • Microtips 
    • Disposable tool used to cleanse the lashes 
  • Fan
    • To dry the lashes
  • Mirror
    • To check if the eyes are completely closed during application
  • Scissors
    • To cut paper tape