The Classic Starter Kit


This kit was specially designed by our lash expert, Melody. It contains the essentials she believes a new lash artist needs, including Melody’s favourite products that her clients have come to love and trust in her lash bar.





The Beauty Boss Starter Kit Includes:

  • Isolation Tweezer
    • To isolate the natural lashes
  • Application Tweezer
    • To apply lash extensions
  • Bubble Bath Cleanser 
    • To clean eyes and lashes before applying extensions
  • Primer
    • To prime the lashes for extensions, the last step before application
  • Lash Trays
    • C, CC, D (0.12, 0.15)
  • Practice Lashes
    • To practice applying lash extensions
  • 3M Foam Tape
    • To make your own custom eye patches 
  • Paper Tape
    • To tape the lower lashes and upper eyelids 
  • Adhesive 
    • To apply lash extensions 
  • Adhesive Stickers 
    • To place adhesive beads 
  • Debonder 
    • To remove individual lashes and any dried adhesive on your tweezers
  • Remover
    • To remove a full set of lash extensions 
  • Mascara Wands
    • Disposable spoolies to brush the lashes
  • Cleansing Wands 
    • Disposable tool to clean lashes with bubble bath in fill appointments 
  • Microtips 
    • Disposable tool used to cleanse the lashes 
  • Fan
    • To dry the lashes
  • Mirror
    • To check if the eyes are completely closed during application
  • Scissors
    • To cut paper tape 

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